Updates on Welsh and Irish Marine Plans

Over the past month there have been updates released regarding both the Irish and Welsh Marine Plans.

Update on Welsh Marine Plan

In Wales on 12 November the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths published Wales’ first Marine Plan. This sets out Welsh Government’s policy for the next 20 years for the sustainable use of our seas. We also publish with the plan:

Summary of Changes to plan following draft WNMP
Habitats Regulation Assessment
Sustainability Appraisal and Addendum
Updated Portal

Public Consultation on the Draft National Marine Planning Framework for Ireland

In Ireland Ministers Eoghan Murphy and Damien English have published the Draft National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF) for Ireland. The Draft NMPF is Ireland’s first marine planning framework. The Draft Plan is now available for public consultation. Details are available here:


Regional public events are being held to promote awareness and facilitate public and stakeholder participation on the Draft NMPF. Details of the events arranged to date can be found on website listed above.