The Irish Sea Maritime Forum held its Inaugural Conference in Belfast in June 2012. The overarching Vision of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum is:

“An Irish Sea which has a healthy marine environment, coherent energy policy, safe clean and efficient transport and sustainable fisheries and is managed to deliver sustainable development for the benefit of all.”

To this end, the objectives of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum are:

  1. To provide a broad based forum for all Irish Sea users and provide an opportunity for voices to be heard,
  2. To facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building across all administrative areas and sectors about marine planning,
  3. To facilitate sharing of data and information,
  4. To encourage and maintain political support for transnational partnership working in support of marine planning, with the aim of promoting sustainable development in the Irish Sea region, and
  5. To facilitate a more coordinated, efficient planning process for transnational issues/projects and good working relationships among Irish Sea partners.