European MSP Platform

The EU MSP Platform is an information gateway for EU member states to enable them to share and transfer relevant knowledge on Maritime Spatial Planning. Funded by DG MARE, this exchange forum is based on a set of five basic principles:

  • Give and take
  • Knowing who knows – connecting to the right people
  • Personal approach – to act as your trusted partner
  • Find specifics through a broad source
  • A service to all EU Member States

This gives stakeholders the relevant tools and information to build on and develop current MSP practices within the EU. With a range of offices across Europe, MSP Platform experts gather information from across the EU and make it readily available on a user-friendly interactive website

In November and December of this year they will be organising a webinar series on the MSP for Blue Growth Study. Looking at the how MSP can boost economic growth based on a “maritime paradigm” which revolves around innovation, knowledge and sustainability, the webinar series introduce three study components. For more information or to register follow this link.